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  • Reg line sucks. I waited 5 hours. Some waited 10+ hours. Ridiculous and wrong.

  • Peelander-z, Mari Ijima AND HalCali. I saw HalCali 2x for double the awesome. They didn't do My fav song (youtube), but it was still amazing.

  • network247 came to the con, which was great! It's been far too long since he/I con'ed together.

  • Peelander.... Green? well, He's cool anyway.

  • Work is going to SUCK this week ;____;

That is all.

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Last Acen I went to I preregged and waited like 2.5 hours in line I believe, that's even worse man. What really was lame was their NON prereg line had no one in it like, at all :O

It's on and off with ACEN.

One year I went with pre-reg and it took 15min because no one was there but the reg line took 4 hours.

I'm in Chicago the day after you left.


I'm heading back in a week and a half myself o___O

Glad you enjoyed ACen!

I've found a flaw in jpopsuki. Videos that I want that have no seeds! Augh! *laughs*

Take care, and hope to catch you soon.

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