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Random updates
I'm slowly coming out of my shell. Finals are almost over, my work month of hell (which always seems to coincide with finals) is mostly over, and summer is here! :D

  • Anime punch was fun. I cooked and cooked and cooked. People ate my cooking and generally liked it. Mikhael said "I've put a lot of things in my mouth in my lifetime, but this man's curry is the best thing yet". That might be the best compliment I've ever had.

  • This is my new wallpaper. I think it's epic.

  • Grace/I's 6 month. In the context of Mike relationships, that is a fucking long time.

  • My brother is living in Ukraine now with the peace corps, which is awesome. This does mean however that I'm the last of the kids in my family living near my parents, so I'm over there a lot hanging out with them. My sister is living in Philadelphia now, which is over 1000km away.

  • I saw the Dalai Lama. He stopped by my city and I went to a lecture/prayer session of his. Pretty interesting, and a really great opportunity.

  • I'm finally starting to download japanese shows again. I'm currently getting Last Friends, Rookies, Gokusen 3, and Ryokiteki na Kanojo on the live action side, and Macross Frontier on the anime side. On that note,

  • HOLY FUCK MACROSS FRONTIER IS AMAZING. I mean, it's exactly like the original, down to the frame sometimes. But holy crap.

  • Also, the Proposal Daisakusen special came out. On that note,

  • It is the BEST SHOW EVAR. The end of the tv series left everyone kind of hanging, but the special wrapped it up. It's unquestionably my fav. Pride and Kisarazu have finally been dethroned! (though just barely)

Uh. that's about it. I'll try to be around more/comment more. Sorry guys!

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- Jeez. At Punch Mikhael would not stop talking about putting things in his mouth. :\ Though that curry was really tasty. Effing spicy but really tasty.

- Grats on 6 months :D

- Lemme know what you think of ROOKIES. In my opinion it's kind of a turn-brain-off-and-enjoy kinda show. It's kinda fun even though Sato Ryuta yells like every other line xD;

- Glad you liked it! :D
- Sankyuu :D
- will do. I like the manga though, so I'm already kind of biased ^^

That wallpaper IS epic.

Let me know how Rookies is~~~ I'm looking forward to it since I'm almost done watching Den-O. Sato Takeru is fuck-win in my book.

will do! Though, last friends is supposed to be the real win of the season from what I hear.

I found that wallpaper myself a month or two ago too, it is indeed epic. Someone needs to add an Alt key laying around with something to make them look "alternative" now bahaha.

I was thinking more about adding a home key in the background with the door open that escape is running away from or something xD

The alt key should be rainbow colored.

- Your curry is great. The curry you made the one time I was actually over your place...I've been making it ever since & modding & changing it ^^;;. Ish awesome. And it opened up more possibilities for general asian cooking for me...yeah, good food & stuffs.

- Epic wallpaper is epic XD

- And congrats on 6 months! You deserve a nice girl ^^.

- Wow, that seems like forever ago! I'm glad I could make a small impact in your life like that :)
- thanks xD
- double thanks :)

Too much win for words in that wallpaper. 8)

I wish I'd had some of your curry now xD;

Are you going to make colossalcon? Maybe I can hook you up there xD

it's looking like I am now, actually :D

DAMN. I can't believe I missed out on your cooking.

one of these days I'll drop some off for you. Are you still working at your family's restaurant?

You know it! Swing by, I'll hook you up with some free food. Plus, we haven't talked in forever!

did you know that the amount of cool in your icons occasionally causes me physical pain? :)

Congrats to you and Grace. Much happiness to you crazy kids. ^_^

Sorry I wasn't at AP, but lack of entry fee sucks.

Macross F is amazing.
I love the fact that they have FireBomber songs on the radio.

Yeah, that brought a smile to my face :)

Did you catch the fact that Ranka's restaurant theme song is actually a sharon apple song?

Ya know it did seem familiar. I just couldn't put a name to it.

Reading about your cooking is making me hungry.

And I LOL'ed at that wallpaper.

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