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Kyle: I love you mike
Mike: hm?
Kyle: I love you
Mike: um.
Mike: I'm sorry, I only date people with 2 or more working nipples.
Kyle: more?
Mike: I try to be openminded.
Kyle: like that six boobed chick from starwars?
Mike: She would indeed qualify *nods*

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It's even more priceless when you realize that this man actually lost his left nipple during an unfortunate incident on Sunday of sugoicon 2005 xD

That's so unfortunate yet so funny at the same time XD
What was the incident, anyway?

It involved duct taping him to a chair because we were bored. Then one thing led to another and it all ended like one of those stories that you start with "it seemed like a good idea at the time" during your police report.

Is this the same Kyle that random shows up in Pseudo-battle-ninjaware?

I don't think so.... o___O; but maybe?

aww you just made my day
and i was just ragging him about how it's just now starting to grow back.

haha, I'll have to check that out next time xD

After 2 months overseas, this is what I come home to?


God bless America. XD;

That's just priceless.

Damned shame that the money gods have demanded excessive sacrifices from me this spring and my ability to go to AP is...nil.

Mike Mike Mike... Remember I can always show you what its like by pulling out the Needle nose pliers and doing it to you... anyways its growing back so.. would you?

Kyle... how could you. I thought we had something special together.
*runs away, crying*

So when is a nippel a working nippel and when is it broke? =O

When it lactates! ... I guess?

.....Holy crap I need to look at LJ more often. The stuff I miss. D:

the stuff Kyle is missing you mean!

It's things like this post that make me wish I checked my friends page more often.

It's things like this that make me wish my friends were more normal. Wait, no it doesn't at all actually xD

Pff screw "normal" people. xD

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