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ok, community poll.

I'm trying to find a style that I really like for my laptop. There are two aspects to styling in linux (well, more than 2. Just think of it as 2 for this though): Your window borders, and the widgets (basically everything inside the borders of the window). Here's a set of 3 screenshots. I can choose any of the 4 window border styles, and any of the 4 widget styles.

Choice 1

Choice 2

Choice 3

Choice 4

What do you guys think? Which window border style and which widget style? Important things to notice are the differences in how titlebars are handled, the tab style, etc.

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Choice #2 as well. There's a definite hierarchy that's not apparent in the other choices.

The hierarchy point is a very good one. I've very much come to like the off color menu bar. THe only problem is that it doesn't play nice with firefox as firefox doesn't use standard menus currently (supposedly they're working towards that).

Do any of the browsers use standard menus properly?

On linux, Epiphany and Midori use the standard gtk menu widget. On KDE, konqueror does. On windows, only internet explorer.

Choice #5: No GUI.

bwahahahahah (Choice #4)

6 virtual consoles just aren't enough these days xD

I'm leaning towards 4.

Same actually, but we'll see :)

Choice #3 is Macalicious. :P

Heheh yeah. There's no easy way to emulate the mac menu bar on linux though, and the dock lookalikes are all *slightly* off as well :/

Someday maybe I'll actually own an apple, but I don't think I'll run osx on it anyhow.

I think I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon for choice 2. Could have something to do with my inherent hatred of mac that nice off-color menu. :D/

Think I like #2 the most. Although I like #1 too, but unless it had min/max/close buttons it might get annoying :o

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