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Random Updates:

  • Since switching to linux I've started programming small stuff again. This morning I got sick of not being able to rate tracks through global hotkeys like winamp can, so I wrote a command line program using php and dbus and then hotkeyed the program in my compiz config. That felt awesome. Source code here (requires php5-cli)

  • Since that little experiment went good, I decided to look at a bleeding edge programming language called Vala and the newest webkit rendering engine. After a LOT of poking through c header files I was able to hack together a basic web browser in just under 100 lines of code. Screenshot here and source code here (requires valac (compiled using 0.17, probably won't work with anything less) and webkit (compiled using.. uh.... revision 29000 or something. If anyone is seriously interested in compiling my crap let me know and I'll track down the exact revision I used, but might work with an earlier version)). I should note that I've never programmed a Gtk application, nor a vala application before. Figuring out how to do all of this took HOURS, even though it's very very little code. I might actually try to flesh this out a touch more. Realistically I only need it to handle bookmarking and I could use it as my primary browser.

  • Ragnarok Online, Excalibur. I have a spear knight, a hunter, and a gunslinger. I think Grace and I played for 16 straight hours on Saturday. It felt amazing.

  • Finished rewatching Coffee Prince with Grace, and it's just as good the 3rd time through

  • I'm looking to start travelling around again soon, so look out for me on the road :D


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