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Random Updates:

  • My laptop's hard drive died, and died completely. I lost some work (but most was uploaded to the various websites, so not really lost), a bit of music (but I've been syncing that pretty regularly), about 6 months in chat logs and actually a LOT of email (but not all). I'm not happy, but I'm living.

  • These kinds of things happen at just the right time. I had a meeting scheduled for 1 hour after my hard drive died. I jumped in my car, drove to the local computer store, bought a new drive and a copy of ubuntu 7.10 (a kind of linux), installed the drive at the store and installed the OS while driving to the meeting with one hand on the wheel and the other hand on the mouse. Don't ask how I shifted. The meeting went great :DDD

  • Valentines Day was delayed due to massive school/work on Thursday for both of us. We ended up scarfing down some taco bell while madly typing. Friday we went out for a proper dinner though with MASSIVE amounts of sushi.

  • School is going ok so far. All As on tests and I haven't missed a day *phew*.

  • I *still* haven't managed to start any of this season's dramas.... What's worth watching guys?

  • I am now slightly less poor. Slightly.

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Well, if you're into period dramas, I'd suggest probably "Fuurin Kazan," which is a Sengoku Era drama with Uesugi Kenshin (played by Gackt. You get to laugh maniacally at him). Also, there's the new drama "Yukan Club," which was pretty good.

I'm familiar with Fuurin Kazan, but hadn't had a chance to see it ever. You liked Yukan Club? I've heard questionable things about it...

really? Well, I guess I'm not really a reliable source...cuz I only watched the first episodes, which were pretty good to me. *laughs*

But according to my friend, the show "Orange Days" is supposed to be pretty good.

Just not very well-versed in drama, sorry.

I saw orange days years ago, and yes it's pretty good! I'm not a huge fan of Tsumabaki, but I am of Shibasaki Kou. That was one of her best performances.

And no problem, any advice is helpful xD

Yay for not being poor! \:D/

I have no idea how you can pull things off like still being able to attend that meeting. xD That is some crazy improvisation!

Yuukan club (from last season) was badbadawful, please stay away :O! unless you like Akanishi Jin or something. >_>

I think this season's dramas are a lot more interesting than last. These are the ones I'm still watching:
Honey and clover - I'm sure you're familiar with this.
Mirai koushi Meguru - Fukada Kyoko as a cram school teacher who when she eats, can see 20 years into people's future. It's kind of turn-your-brain-off programming, so it isn't "good" per se, but I think it has its charm.
Loss time life- actually a series of vignettes (the first of which starred Eita :D), in which a person who is about to die is given a bit of extra time. I cried ;o;

Yeah, clicking through 'Do you want to install this?' question boxes while dodging Michigan drivers can only be called crazy xD

I'm not particularly tied to Akanishi Jin, no xD

Hmm... I kind of like Fuka-kyon, but she has some *really* awful dramas IMO.

Eita!! I just started rewatching Waterboys series 1. He's pretty sweet in it. Did you notice that he's completely failed to age? Like in Sapuri last year, he totally still looks the same as when he was in waterboys xD

Crazy, or just mad driving skills? You decide.

Before Meguru, I'd actually only seen her in one movie years ago (I think it was called Last Letter or something like that), and she definitely isn't so great at acting, LOL.

Yeah, Eita's just... Eita xD Honestly how old is he anyway?


I wouldn't say she's great, but they occasionally cast her in roles that really fit her somehow too. I liked SOS with her.

Drama wiki says 25 :D But yeah, he could be 18, he could be 30.

LOL crazy it is then.

I swear, one of these days I will actually watch SOS. :D;;

25? Oh, that actually fits pretty well with the character he played in Loss time life.

Ack I forgot to mention Bara no nai hanaya! I haven't seen past the first episode yet, but it stars Katori Shingo and Takeuchi Yuko, and from what I hear it's pretty good.

I had a crazy dream last night where you kept asking me if I remembered someone from high school, because you needed to find him, because I had signed a wedding license for him... or something. And it wasn't Rob, or Elliot or Jeff or anybody that I remember very well, but that guy Aaron...?? Who I had completely forgotten until the dream, and even now I'm sure that I didn't just make him up. What the hell?

Aaron? Aaron Wolf? Bizarrely enough I had forgotten about him completely for the last 5 years or so, and then ran into him maybe 6 months ago at a music store. Crazy. He actually got married to someone working over at Crazy Wisdom. When I heard that I meant to ask you if you knew her, but for some reason I didn't. What the hell?

hmm, not him. Haha, he's the guy who turned my mortal enemy Sam into "Samantha Wolf"! I actually didn't know that you (or I...?) knew him. I can't stand that girl, though.

The Aaron (?) I dreamt about hung out with Rob, Elliot and Jeff and he was kind of Italian-looking I guess..? Not that tall guy with all of the emotional problems whose name I can't remmeber either, though. Sorry, that's really vague. =P

I used to hang out with Aaron Wolf pretty regularly. He was a childhood friend of Eric Wayman and Jackson Norton bizarrely enough. Too bad about the girl though xD Hopefully he can stand her?

Aaron Rothman! Big into ska, drove an old accord 4 door? He came out of the closet a few years back I heard, so I don't think he'll be getting married in this state, hehe :)

Yeah, that guy! Holy shit, he's gay! That's awesome. I actually just tried looking up "Aaron" and "graduated from Pioneer in 1999" on myspace and found one whose profile said gay, and it made me wonder but I skipped over it. I wonder why I dreamt about him.

Maybe I remember Aaron Wolf? Sam was kind enough to send me a link to their honeymoon pictures from some Eastern European country, and I guess I thought he looked kind of familiar but nothing really clicked for me. Anyway, she at least seems like someone who would be really nice to her husband or whatever while still being a bitch to everyone else around her. She talks about him like she loves him a lot, and they do a bunch of nerd stuff together like sing in a Barbershop Quartet.

hahaha, I haven't really started as many of this seasons dramas as I wanted, until now I have only watched he first 3 episodes of Honey and Clover, but since I already read a part of the manga and watched both seasons of the animes, the dorama disappoints me a bit.. but well, I'll keep watching for the Nari and Toma love~~<3 xDD
*is hit*

Ah, well, I haven't seen the anime or read the manga yet, so maybe I'll like it a lot?

well, in some point it's they way they are acting is a bit like Hana-Kimi... it's fun, but somehow it repeats itself ^^U

Drama's that I'm watching this season: 0

I'm too busy but if there was anything super awesome I would have made time for it. The crazy Nara one seemed to have potential to be a zany comedy but the writing sucks.

Good to know.... hm. Well, supposedly there's a proposal daisakusen special coming out soonish. I'll hold out till then :D

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