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  • I finally watched Macross: Frontier ep 1. WOW. I'm hooked and looking for moar.

  • Monday -> Thursday, School. Did I mention that I was once again taking classes? Micro Economics, History of US Foreign Relations and Business Law. I'm finally taking all 200 level classes! ......which is definitely not something I should be bragging about ^^;

  • Friday... uh...erm. I did... something? I don't quite remember xD Probably we just sat around and watched some j-dramas. We're about halfway done with Stand Up.

  • Saturday we went comic shopping, arcading and bubble tea'ing with 0bscurity

  • Sunday Grace/I/Janie/Ashley/Zach (from Columbus, Ohio) went to the Plymouth ice carving exhibition. Photos here!. Some of them were HUGE. The dragon one? That was about 8ft tall and 20ft long. Zach got the full Michigan experience with freezing temperatures, hot apple cider, roasted almonds and reindeer. Afterward was Thai food, video gaming and finally finishing up Akihabara@Deep.

And that's about it. I'm thinking about starting some of this season's dramas maybe this week, maybe next. I'm too poor to go anywhere for a bit, but hopefully I'll be back on my feet by mid Feb.

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i heard great things about that macross frontier ep 1 (or ep 0)

can't wait til all the anime comes out~~~<3

The things you've heard? They're all true xD

It's kind of generic in a Macross way, but if you like the formula then it looks to be the best parts of the original and Macross 7. Curiously enough, certain elements reminded very strongly of recent Gundam series too.

Anyway, ep 1 is on Animesuki. Let me know if you end up watching it!

I took History of European Foreign Relations 1900-present in 1993 at BG. Loved the class. Learning about the build-up to the First World War, and about how the British and the French screwed up in treaty-making afterwards was quite enlightening.

We're just getting to that now. My surprise fact for the day was that France ruled Mexico for a short period of time during the US Civil War. WTF?!

Mario? xD;;

I miss seeing ice sculptures, it seems like it's been ages since I last did ;o;

So the Macross show is good hm... The Internets are protesting my downloading of dramas, so I think I'll have to see if I can mooch Macross off of someone at club.

How're the classes going so far?

Well, next year maybe I can let everyone know sooner and a roadtrip can occur for a weekend or something? You guys are always welcome up here *nods*

The internets should screw off, j-dramas are awesome xD

Classes are going good. I give Grace a ride to school most of the time, which keeps me actually going to them. That's been a problem in the past, hehe. I wouldn't mind business law if it was broken up over 2 days. 3 straight hours of reading cases can be.. uh.. mindblowingly boring ^^;

Thanks. A roadtrip would be A++, though that of course depends where some of us Columbus kids end up next year xD

LOL J-dramas most certainly are awesome. Though my modem gets bogged down really easily... So I guess it would be more accurate to say my ISP hates me? ¦D;;

3 hours? Ouch. I've a 2 1/2 hour Heian-era literature course, but even that can't be nearly as tough/boring as 3 hours of business law. @__@

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